Frequently Asked Questions

How do I pay with Paypal

You probably use Paypal already, as it’s pretty much the largest, best known and most trusted payment system on the internet and owned by eBay. If you already have an account simply sign in when prompted. You’ll be taken to the secure Paypal site where you can make your payment in the usual way. If you don’t have an account you can also pay directly using a credit card – most types are accepted.

This is the simplest, fastest and most convenient way to buy one of our lesson plans and our recommended option. Your download will start automatically once payment has been made, and you’ll also receive an email with a link so you can download the scheme of work later. Please note that this email will automatically be sent to the email address you use for your Paypal account as soon as your order is placed.

Can I pay by credit card?

Yes you can – we use Paypal for this (see above).

Do I get a receipt so I can claim the cost back from my school?

Yes, we always issue a receipt. Paypal automatically sends you an invoice and a receipt which you’ll receive once you make your transaction.

Do you accept payments by cheque or BACS?

Yes we do, just select the ‘check’ payment option when you checkout.

While we make every effort to process these payments as quickly as possible, you should note that we’re unable to send the schemes of work until payment has been cleared. In practice this means that it may take a few days for your order to be delivered if you choose this payment option.

Once payment has been completed we’ll send you your order by email (for cheque or BACS orders only).

How long do I have to download the file?

Once your order has been processed the file will begin downloading automatically and will be saved to your downloads folder (or similar, depending on which browser you use). If you have a problem during the download don’t worry – you can download the file for up to 14 days after your order date using the link in the email you will receive. Please check your bulk/junk email folder if you don’t receive the email shortly after placing your order. Again, make sure you use the email account that you use to log in to Paypal.

We log all orders and downloads, so if you still have a problem just drop us a line and we’ll fix it.

Can you please send me a paper copy of the unit?

Our units are only available as downloadable files, accessible to customers worldwide. This means we are able to provide them instantly for you to print yourself. As such we do not provide paper copies of the lesson plans.

Do you plan to provide Schemes of Work for Key Stages 4 and 5?

Yes we do. We have a similar number of modules for these key stages as we do for Key Stage 3 which we’ll be adding to the site shortly. If you want to know when they’ll be ready just sign up for our newsletter.

Can I use your lesson plans outside the UK?

Yes you can. The lessons can easily be adapted to fit most curricula and the topics selected are of an international nature.

What is a .pdf file?

PDF means Portable Document Format. Most computers will be able to read this as the reader software, provided by Adobe, is widely installed. However, if it isn’t installed on your computer you can download it for free from Adobe.

What is a .zip file and how do I open it?

Some of the schemes of work contain multiple files, such as MP3 music files. In these cases we have combined the text documents with the files in .zip file. To open this file you first need to ‘unzip’ it by right clicking on the file and clicking ‘extract files’. If you’re using an iPad then you can get a free app for this – just search for ‘Winzip’ in the app store. You can also install it for your computer from Winzip.

What is an MP3 file and how do I play it?

MP3 is a common format for electronic music files. You can play the file by clicking on it on your computer. If you have an iPod you can drag the file to iTunes to add it to your player. Similarly you can copy the file onto a different brand of MP3 player using its proprietary software. You can also burn the file to CD so that it can be played using a CD player. To do this you’ll need to copy the file to a blank CD and click ‘burn as audio file’ (this depends on which software you are using).

What is an MP4 file and how do I play it?

MP4 is a video file format. You can play MP4 files directly from an iPod/iPhone if you have the correct cable to connect it to a TV. You can also play MP4 files on most computers using Quicktime which you can download from Apple.

My school computer is asking me for a password

If you’re using a computer provided by your school then it is possible that your school uses additional security settings. These may, for example, stop you from installing software without assistance from your IT department. Should you be asked for a password to open any of our downloads then please try using a computer that isn’t from your school or ask your IT department for assistance. As always, please feel free to contact us should you need any further help.